I grew up in the Central Texas area where I still reside. And like many Texans I have a love for sports, family and the outdoors. When I was a teenager I picked up my very first 35mm film camera. My love for photography was born. I love knowing that when someone looks at my photographs that for a moment they are able to look through my eyes. I love capturing moments in time for others. I get so much fulfillment when someone absolutely loves what I have captured for them.

My goal is to telll a story through my work. I enjoy a variety of types of photography such as family, seniors, real estate and event photography. I have found that I have a passion for modeling photography. Photography inspires my artistic side. I believe that a persons photographic experience should not be rigid and uptight. I enjoy making my clients feel comfortable and relaxed. I believe that is the only way to truly capture ones true personality.